In her 4 yrs of playing - she has grown into a very strong competitor with the help of the strongest fighting game players. Because of this, she was selected to be part of team Street Fighter on Capcom's Cross Assault, and is now part of GamesterGear team.
IFC Yipes
Gamer, Entertainer, Commentator, IN FULL CONTROL. B Y - Brother Yipes
Mizzie Mie
Artist. Cosplayer. Streamer. Sponsored by GamesterGear #TeamGG
markbisme here! (aka Vibrint) I am 25 and a recent graduate of the Music Institute, I play guitar and I love to game. I playCS GO, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. Been gaming all my life and I love to stream Click on on my stream to watch out for Skin Giveaways
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