Founded in 2013 by Syba USA, GamesterGear’s mission is to provide a premium experience coupled with stylish designs for gamers. We believe that sound and comfort is every bit as important in gaming as visual stimulation. Utilizing Syba’s 13 years of manufacturing experience, we strive to stay at the forefront of the competitive gaming headset industry by focusing on premium audio and build quality.

Our engineers at our R&D and manufacturing facilities work tirelessly to develop and incorporate new technologies along with durable lightweight materials in the construction of GamesterGear headsets. Feedback from professional gamers is invaluable to us in designing and tuning of our products; they provide insight and have demands that may not be completely obvious to our designers and engineers. We continually refine our products in order to suit the needs of all gamers, from amateurs playing at home to pro gamers playing in major tournaments.
GamesterGear is committed to supporting eSports and the Fighting Game Community (FGC) by sponsoring aspiring gamers and professionals alike. We encourage the growth of the community in numerous ways, from co-hosting events at local cyber cafes to major tournaments where pro gamers compete. We value the dedication of pro gamers to eSports and to the FGC, in turn they assist us by testing and validating the quality of our products.

We’re all gamers at GamesterGear who love to play and watch streams. We know what gamers want and we hope our products can give you the advantage in your gaming endeavors.
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